Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye to an awesome 2010

2010 was really a roller coaster ride for me but I'm really thankful for it.  It wasn't perfect but I got the chance to experience everything.  2010 was a taste of everything for me.  Bitterness and sweetness of life, thank you for the memories.

I remembered how I started my 2010.  It was really awful, a bad memory indeed.  But now that i'm about to end a rocky year, I never thought that memory would bring back everything.  That was the start of the year wherein, I gave up and just accepted everything. Who would thought that the sadness I felt will help me to end this year perfectly happy.

I didn't had a perfect year.  I experienced tears also.  I could say that 2010 was also harsh to me.  It seems that the year sometimes hated me.  Who cares? This December 31st, I could say I'm really HAPPY. I believe that I learned and grew a lot from everything that happened and I will forever treasure those 2010 memories.  To God and to all the people who played a role in this awesome year, thank you. <3

Unforgettable 2011, here I come and I'm aiming for this because I'll do something to achieve it. CHEERS TO A NEW YEAR! <3 :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Runway

Just played with haha. :p


It's official. 

Shake it up shake up the happiness. Wake it up wake up the happiness. Come on ya'll it's Christmas time!! :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Oh Santa

I bet you're all busy doing your Christmas chores right now. Cleaning, cooking, last minute shoppings name it, that's the Christmas routine. I'm assigned to do some cleaning here at home since yesterday and of course I don't want to bore myself by just cleaning.  So, I opened my television and yesterday was the first time I saw the video of Mariah Carey's Oh Santa. I fell in love with it. HAHA I've been hearing those other usual Christmas songs like All I Want For Christmas Is You everywhere but Mariah just gave my Christmas a happy beat. Enjoy the video! 

So start counting the hours and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Happy Holidays from AIESEC Philippines!

If you missed the chance to apply for the AIESEC Experience last month, here’s some good news for you this holiday!

Applications for the AIESEC Exchange experience are now re-opened for summer internships abroad!

Seize this great opportunity to experience an AWESOME SUMMER! COMMENT HERE IF INTERESTED.
The AIESEC Experience

In today’s fast changing word, the secret to be able to survive and thrive is for us to be fast learning, globally minded and socially relevant leaders.

The AIESEC Experience is AIESEC’s tool to do just that; It is AIESEC’s way of developing the youth by sending them through our “Integrated Learning Experience” which includes Leadership Training, applying these through International Exchange Experiences, and a Global Learning Environment to prepare them for the challenges of the real world.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Special Ingredients

It's been weeks since my last blog post and I really don't know what entered my mind to create a post now, without a single interesting thing inside my mind. We've been busy with a lot of things wherein, thesis and org work took a lot of my time and yeah, a lot of things happened.  It's not easy and sometimes, being idle could be really something. Who told you that being idle is all about doing nothing.  I guess being idle could also mean making a sacrifice.  Yep, you might not be doing a single task for something BUT you are idle with something because you just have to be THAT someone.

a cup of your priorities
a cup of sacrifice
a cup of willingness to pursue your passion
a cup of having a mindset that giving up is not an option
a cup of willingness to take risks
a cup of flexibility
a bowl of dreams flowing
(Mix the ingredients together and you'll be ready to be THAT someone.)