Friday, November 19, 2010

Redefine Yourself!

Are you satisfy with what you are doing? How about with what you have?
Are you aiming for something big? 
Why not explore and redefine yourself!

There are a lot of things waiting for us.  As a young leader, I am changing the world in my own way.  I don't have to be on exchange right at this very moment just to be on top but my mind is open to that option.  I am an AIESECer, I know that I'm changing lives one at a time.

This might look like as a promotional blog entry, but who knows, I might change one's life in minutes or hours after I publish this.  Go international and experience the secrets of the world.  In today's fast changing world, the secret to be able to survive and thrive is for us to be fast learning, globally minded and socially relevant leaders.

The AIESEC Experience is AIESEC's tool to do just that...It is AIESEC's way of developing the youth by sending them through our "Integrated Learning Experience" which includes Leadership Training, applying these through International Exchange Experiences, and a Global Learning Environment to prepare them for the challenges of the real world.

Why not give yourself and the world a chance?! ;)

Sign up for the Global Internship Program today at


  1. Was an aiesecer before from ESA :)

  2. Hey Nikolo! Really? I know an AIESECer from ESA too. :)

  3. wow your blogging for a cause too that is nice ...

  4. Yep, i'm actually part of this org. :)