Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Happy Holidays from AIESEC Philippines!

If you missed the chance to apply for the AIESEC Experience last month, here’s some good news for you this holiday!

Applications for the AIESEC Exchange experience are now re-opened for summer internships abroad!

Seize this great opportunity to experience an AWESOME SUMMER! COMMENT HERE IF INTERESTED.
The AIESEC Experience

In today’s fast changing word, the secret to be able to survive and thrive is for us to be fast learning, globally minded and socially relevant leaders.

The AIESEC Experience is AIESEC’s tool to do just that; It is AIESEC’s way of developing the youth by sending them through our “Integrated Learning Experience” which includes Leadership Training, applying these through International Exchange Experiences, and a Global Learning Environment to prepare them for the challenges of the real world.


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