Monday, December 13, 2010

Special Ingredients

It's been weeks since my last blog post and I really don't know what entered my mind to create a post now, without a single interesting thing inside my mind. We've been busy with a lot of things wherein, thesis and org work took a lot of my time and yeah, a lot of things happened.  It's not easy and sometimes, being idle could be really something. Who told you that being idle is all about doing nothing.  I guess being idle could also mean making a sacrifice.  Yep, you might not be doing a single task for something BUT you are idle with something because you just have to be THAT someone.

a cup of your priorities
a cup of sacrifice
a cup of willingness to pursue your passion
a cup of having a mindset that giving up is not an option
a cup of willingness to take risks
a cup of flexibility
a bowl of dreams flowing
(Mix the ingredients together and you'll be ready to be THAT someone.) 


  1. and a little bit of a cup of prayer would do :)