Friday, December 24, 2010

Oh Santa

I bet you're all busy doing your Christmas chores right now. Cleaning, cooking, last minute shoppings name it, that's the Christmas routine. I'm assigned to do some cleaning here at home since yesterday and of course I don't want to bore myself by just cleaning.  So, I opened my television and yesterday was the first time I saw the video of Mariah Carey's Oh Santa. I fell in love with it. HAHA I've been hearing those other usual Christmas songs like All I Want For Christmas Is You everywhere but Mariah just gave my Christmas a happy beat. Enjoy the video! 

So start counting the hours and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! :)


  1. Weeh I also love those Christmas songs from Mariah!!! Weeeehh! Happy merry Christmas!!! :)

  2. Yes yes! :) Merry Christmas too, Kamila! :)